"Moreover, popular narratives about the end of [legally sanctioned black, U.S slavery] erase[s] the agency of black people themselves.

And, I suppose we can say that if Lincoln did not really free the slaves, he was shrewd enough to recognize that the only hope of winning the civil war resided in pre-aiding the opportunity for black people to fight for their own freedom.”

Angela Y. Davis, Professor Emerita of History of Consciousness and Feminist Studies (UCLA-Santa Cruz): 150 Years Later, Abolition in the 21st Century [March 27, 2013]

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lizzingwithlemon asked:
Could you explain what's the issue with macklemore?



A couple of months ago, Jamie Foxx was attacked on Twitter with racial slurs and death threats for coming to an award show dressed in a Trayvon Martin t-shirt but everyone is currently praising Macklemore, a white man, for dedicating his award to Trayvon Martin. 

Bill O’Reilly even had the audacity to call Jamie Foxx “racist” for wearing the Trayvon Martin shirt.

Our problems as POC aren’t real until a white person like Macklemore voices their opinion on the issue, let a POC voice their opinion on the issues and struggles they encounter,  they’re labeled as a “reverse racist” and “delusional” -Grace



You know what they call a black person who earns a Ph.D.? A nigger.
Malcolm X (via ethiopienne)

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The Wretched of the Earth: I'm surprised Obama actually had some good racial commentary


this week for my Obama and Race class we have to read his first book, Dreams From My Father, which I’ve never read until now…and I dunno, I never actually expected him to say anything good about race judging by his current policies and speeches.

"One day I asked here if she was going to the…

dontletthenecessaryoccur asked:
Why do you feel like black women are selective in their outrage? How do you know personally that we are upset at just black men critiques?


Well to answer ur first question, some black women listen to music that calls women all sorts of horrible names, with out one problem. They will even sing along. Some black women like tv shows, that show other black women cursing each other out as well as disrespecting eachother. Some black women call themselves and each other women bitches. Ex: I’m a bad bitch and a queen. (rolls eyes) Ex: Bitches be thinking they cute wit dey natural hair (literally selected this status tonight) Ex: Me and my bitches are going out tonight bitch. To be frank the majority of black women have potty mouths and curse like sailors for absolutely no reason and not even out of anger. They just speak that way. I see it on social media and when I over hear conversations. Tonight at my job, a party of 12 black women, came in. They had the nastiest mouths I’ve herd in a long time. They brought all this negative attention to themselves. They were loud AND cursing. Every 3 words were bitch and mother fucker. And they were some of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen. The men were talking about how fine they were, but how unattractive they were making themselves look. When I talk to my guy friends, this is all I hear is: “Black women act like men.” “Black women aren’t classy.” “Black women are too loud.” “They do the most.” I myself have been near groups of women, and became fully embarrassed by their display.

Also I hear and see the crap black women talk about black men. But THAT’S ok. We can generalize them, put them down, point out their flaws, and then turn around and praise white men and it’s perfectly fine. So I say selective anger bc it’s clearly SELECTIVE ANGER. This is ok, but this isn’t. Talk about them, not us. Call them on their bs, but not us. Rant about them, not us. Oh please. I come from the school of, call it what it is. We can bash a black man for his preference regarding skin tone, and call him a house nigga and a self hater, but we can’t touch on the pathetic addiction black women have for weave. We can call the black men who dates white women and sell outs, but if we point white man lust a growing number of black women have, that’s wrong. Black men ain’t shit when they have a bunch of kids and can’t pay child support, but we can’t mention the silly women who laid there and got pregnant bc they let someone have unprotected sex with them. Naw we can’t say anything about that. We can mention how badly little girls grow up needing the affirmation from their fathers, but we can’t even mention that a single mom should get her son a male role model. No thats playing into patriarchy. And let’s ignore the rate in which black women get married pd! Yeah ok.

But to answer ur last question, I’m not sure what you even mean. I mean the conversations I had earlier were in reference to comments made by a black man. So…

The evolution of me!: Speaking of white kids getting away with shit


This guy was telling us a story about how he was at a house party in eads, Tennessee, right outside of Memphis.. He said there was drugs and alcohol everywhere and NOBODY WAS OVER 18… But he was like one of the only black people were there.. He said that the cops came and shut down the party.. And…